Let the planning begin!

The best 3 words to describe how I felt after getting engaged was OMG OMG OMG. I was so overwhelmed, with excitement, love, and things to do!

We picked a date, that night I think – October 13, 2012 (had to project SEC football schedule, which was quite a challenge!). This date changed 6 months later to April 14, 2012. I was sad to lose my fall date, but SO happy to bump up the nuptials 6 months, and also to spring! I never ever wanted a summer wedding – fall was first choice, spring second.

There were a few things I knew pretty much before we ever even got engaged.

1. Yellow and grey was going to be my color palette

This is an early inspiration image for me - I love it.

2. I would get married in Birmingham, my hometown

Birmingham is way more awesome than you may think!

3. I wanted everything to be 100% indoors. I do not do well with unnecessary stress and weather definitely fell under that category for me.

Um, no thanks.

After that, our big things we wanted to mark off of the list were music, venue, and photography. We decided on all three of these within a few weeks of getting engaged. They deserve their own post, I think 🙂

In the meantime, when you get bored, follow all my pinterest boards!


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