The Engagement Story 01.31.2011

We don’t have any pictures from the night we got engaged, so I’ll just share some cute pics from the engagement shoot with Chris & Adrienne Scott, Photographers, we had a few months later. I’ll tell you all about the e-session and how awesome Chris and Adrienne are another time.

We're laughing cuz we're laying in a stranger's yard. And it was hot. And awkward. It turned out cute though!

It all started when I headed to Auburn for an internship fair because I had scheduled some job interviews. I was doing an off-campus thesis at the time that is community-based, while Corey was on-campus doing a research-based thesis.

We both had some internship interviews that day, and mine ran later than his, so I told him that I’d meet him at his house after I finished up. We had planned on having a date to Olive Garden because he had a gift card there. So I got to his apartment and got ready and we went to Olive Garden. They never brought out our appetizer and then when they finally did, they brought it out with our entree. The server gave it to us on the house. Now, keep in mind we are both struggling college kids. I made some off-hand remark to Corey that we should just get a dessert since we got a free appetizer, and he actually accepted! If you know Corey at all, he is not a sweets guy, nor does he ever believe in splurging on dessert. I should have known then that something was up!

We love the 'hi' caught in the corner of the pic.

We headed back to his house where our good friend Kristy was going to meet up with us for board games and wine. I plopped down on the couch to watch my favorite show The Bachelor while we waited for Kristy to get there. She was supposed to be there within the hour. I got out my new iPhone and started going through all my daily blogs on my Google Reader. Most people don’t know what that is, but it’s basically an archive of blogs that shows when your blogs you follow have new posts.

(Now this requires a back-story so I don’t seem quite as psycho. My sister got engaged in the Fall of 2009 – when she did, I became obsessed with researching all things wedding-related. I have about TWENTY-FIVE wedding blogs that I follow daily on my Reader. I browse through them every night, because I love weddings. Any and all weddings.)

So as I scrolled through my blogs, Corey got up and RAN to his bedroom. Naturally, because he’s a boy, I thought he was being polite and passing gas in the other room. I clicked on one blog called “Our Engagement” that I didn’t recognize. I gasped as I scrolled through the blog and the girl had MY NAME and my favorite wedding color combo, yellow and grey. I said to Corey, “Wow this girl has my name and my favorite color combo!” Not until I got halfway through the blog did I realize what was going on and looked up to see Corey on one knee. I honestly was so beyond shocked. I had NO idea. I screamed a lot, and cried, and screamed more. Kristy got there about 3 minutes after it happened – which was exactly as as it should be – and we called people and celebrated and drank wine.

Turns out he got the ring on Thursday, I arrived Saturday, and he planned the whole engagement Sunday night while I sat on the floor in his bedroom assembling my portfolio. On Monday, he created the website, photoshopped in the pics of us, took the pic of himself holding the ring while I was at my last interview, added the blog to my reader, called my parents to tell them he was proposing that week, and just waited. He had no idea when or if I would look and sure enough I did 4 hours later.

It was creative and perfect – I had always told him I didn’t want a big show when we got engaged, that it was just about us two, and me made it that way. I wouldn’t change a thing!

Here is the proposal blog –

This is at the pedestrian bridge in downtown Nashville


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