Sorry about the Hiatus – I’ve been busy getting married!

Makin' out

Everyone always tells you to be prepared for something (or everything) to go wrong on your wedding day.

They also tell you that the whole day will be a blur.

Either I’m a freak of nature or just don’t listen to what they tell you.

At the rehearsal - Rebecca was my bride stand-in. I wonder what's so funny?

I am going to pause momentarily from my planning posts to tell you about just how perfect my day was. It was absolutely perfect. No one was late, nothing went wrong, nothing broke or ripped, I remember as much as I would remember on any given day, I felt like a million bucks, my husband cried (twice!) like I had always hoped he would, my bridesmaids/MOH were gorgeous, the groomsmen/BM were handsome, the families were happy as clams, the food was good, the band was better, the photographer was best.

Dad holding the door for all the guests

I heard later about things that weren’t quite right at the reception – no silverware or napkins at the cake table??!! But the important thing is, I didn’t notice! As long as I didn’t notice, who the heck cares!? Reflecting back – I begin to pick up on things I didn’t realize that day – like my mom and I never really had a chance to have one of our special moments, but we had so many during the planning process that it almost makes it okay. I wanted a picture of Corey and I holding up our pants/dress to show our foot ‘get-up’. One of the first things I said to Corey when he turned around for the first look was ‘Look at my bouquet!’ – as if he cared at all! But all those little things make the day special and unique and only ours.

Here’s my biggest insight from the day:

1. The more you plan the day out, the smoother it will go

2. It was worth every penny (of my parents, corey’s parents, and us) – I am GLAD we didn’t elope

3. It helps tremendously to have someone around who’s been married in the recent past (aka: my sister)

4. Be selfish – ask for help – let people get you drinks! It is YOUR day (and your husband’s) so accept offers of assistance! My sweet mother wore my TOMS so I could wear cute sandals with my short dress. I sent Corey’s friends to get me drinks from the bar. I let my sister hold my dress up so I could pee. Trust me, you will be happy you did!

5. First look is great – you can get out all your emotions without everyone watching. When I stood at the end of the aisle as I was about to walk into the church – I saw so many faces and the last person I even looked at was Corey. I cannot imagine that having been the first time to see him. It’s too much to take in at once. It hits you that this is FOR REAL. There’s 250 people staring at YOU. You hear all this loud (albeit beautiful) music. You’re sweating. You’re nervous. Seeing Corey before took the pressure off quite a bit, for me.

It’s not much – but hopefully it helps all you future brides. Just remember, it is just one day, RELAX, take it all in, and enjoy this momentous and beautiful occasion!

I’ll get back to planning posts very soon! In the meantime,  please enjoy some pictures from my gorgeous rehearsal dinner that my parents-in-law threw for us. Truly gorgeous, incredibly fun, and very very good food.

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