Friend ring roundup Part I! – Somer Read

So, I have this obsession with rings. Big time. I got this brilliant idea last week – why don’t I show off my FRIEND’S rings instead of random pinterest rings?! So I begged some friends, who were all gracious enough to share some pics and stories for me to pass on to my readers.

I have enough gorgeous engaged or recently married friends’ rings that I’m going to give each ring/friend it’s own post! I thought I’d start off with Somer Read’s ring, because let me tell you, it is some major bling. And it’s MAJORLY gorgeous.

She shared some fun intel about the ring with me – the diamond was her grandmother’s and her fiance had to secretly acquire the stone and original ring from her family without her finding out! So sneaky! And, um wow, go grandma.  She has seriously good taste! So Somer’s fiance Patrick took to Pinterest to have the perfect setting prepared for Somer’s engagement ring. And from the words of Somer – Pinterest works y’all!

Here’s some images from her Pinterest that Patrick used – I’d say he hit the nail on the head!

Here’s some more shots of the ring. I absolutely love the pave cathedral setting – it really accents the size and shape of her diamond. So hollywood glam. 

All in all, I’d say good job to both of you! And MANY congratulations to Patrick and Somer! Up next will be my friend Audra’s bling – she got married in June and has a gorgeous princess cut solitaire! Keep checking back for more!



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