Board #12 – Magnolia beauty

I had a special request this week from a former classmate and friend of mine to put together a board inspired by magnolias with the colors being green, gold and white. I find this color palette especially near and dear because it hearkens back to my southern roots. I grew up climbing magnolia trees with all of my cousins in my great uncle’s front yard and that is a fond memory of my childhood. I think to pay the proper respect to this great southern bloom, one must have a grand southern affair complete with a historic venue (perhaps a plantation home or old courthouse?), classic tuxedos, and beautiful ecru engraved invitations. I even love the idea of the calligraphy being in a beautiful, deep emerald tone. This is absolutely one of my favorite palettes I’ve created and I commend the bride for devising such a unique and heritage-driven theme for her wedding.

Board #11 - Magnolia love

Clockwise from top left: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7



Board #9 – Modern Tangerine and White

When I got married I already knew what my wedding colors were going to be, but I contemplated one other color combo for a hot minute. I love orange/grey/white as a combo, because it’s unique and contemporary. But orange is a much harder color to come by than yellow, which is I why I opted for yellow instead. In hindsight, I wish I had used these colors because I see yellow and grey EVERYWHERE now. OH well! Hope you enjoy!

Inspiration Board #9 - Tangerine dream

Clockwise from top left:                                                                                                                                            1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 /

Inspiration Board #4 – Nautical navy, coral, white, and light lime

I made this board for a sweet friend of mine that lets me indulge her day in and day out with wedding mumbo jumbo. I asked her if she were to get married, what her dream color palette would be. She asked for a nautical feel with navy, coral, white, and seafoam (which I went with more light lime in this board). The result is below! I encourage you to click the links as well – the weddings featured are all stunning.

Clockwise from top left:

1. Boutonniere  – a small pop of coral

2. Adorable ring bearer – I just LOVE his outfit!

3. Paper suite – preppy navy and coral designed by Posh Paperie

4. Reception space – I just love how glam this is!

5. Bouquet – don’t you just LOVE that striped bouquet wrap? So nautical!

6. Wedding cake – this is so whimsical and I love the stripes and the rope!

7. Sailboat

8. Amsale Dahlia gown – The wedding I pulled this image from is a stunner. This is also one of my friend’s favorite wedding gowns ever.

9. Bridesmaid’s outfits – probably my fave of all time. The skirt is from Anne M Cramer.

Hope y’all love it! I think this would be a stunning wedding if I must say so myself.

Inspiration Board #2 – yellow, coral, and white

ImageClockwise from top left:

1. Coral Ombre birthday cake – I really love this style of cake – I bet it’d be very expensive for a whole wedding cake, but super cute if you were doing multiple cakes.

2. Centerpiece with coral peony – I also love the milk glass arrangement, colorful and fun!

3. ‘Eat, Drink, They’re Married’ sign – Perfect signage for a reception!

4. My floral bouquet – picture by Stephen DeVries Photography – It was fun taking my bouquet and applying it to a very different color palette than what I had at my own wedding! That’s what I loved about my bouquet, it was so versatile!

5. Yellow bridesmaids – I have liked this bridesmaid’s dress assortment for a very long time, one of the weddings I saw early in the process and it’s just stunning.

Hope you enjoy!